May 01, 2012

lovely day :DD

this is us, me syidah and aliyyah. 

nice shoot wan ;) 

my alien, mia :D 

umi and abah :) 

oraait, today is umi's birthday guys ;) hehe, may ALLAH bless you umi. 
may happiness surround you, always in a good condition, 
nothing else that i want from you, i just need you in my life, 
may your blessing is always with me, and i hope that ALLAH will bless me to, as He wish, ameen.
umi, i know that im not a good daughter, yet, im trying to be a good one for you.
im on my way to upgrading myself. just for you umi, 
as you wish, i want to be a great daughter for you, insyaA. 
dont stop loving me like jepp do umi, im begging you :( 
lastly, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !
i just dont have the gun to tell you that i love you. thats all.