June 22, 2013

im stressed !

okay before i start, i just finished my hw complaint letter. Yeaaaay ! :D me feels so good ! Alhamdulillah.
okay now i will officially start hihi. im doing this while listening to B1A4's song from their 4th mini album. good love ne mmg sayu je aku dga. nak2 pulak part baro rapp. dah la aku sadis je bila tah nak jumpa dorang sobssss :( 
okay xde kne mengena pun senanya tu, ada mende lain yg jadi. well i guess everyone will have their own family matters. so do i. it just i cant express to anyone, and heree too. i thought i can but ahhh nevermind. hmm, i do really2 need someone. jinyoung oppa ! help me :( hahaha saaaaaah x betul zai ne ! nak buat cmne kan, its not like i have someone to spill everything, at least for now. yelaa, semua pun baru start new sem. but i have start learned about this and that. the worst subject is MACRO ! ahhh even law i can hadap lagi tau. tp macro mmg la isk3 dasar spesis micro jugak -.- okay ampun miss, i just dont feel like i ready to accept the subject. okay stop. back to the topic. i really2 hope everything gonna be okay. nothings over zai. this is what we called life. life is never easy. just back to Him. just feel free to seek the guide from Him. why do i need anyone when i always Him ? well. im just a human being. need someone too, sometimes. dont worry, the best will come, insyaAllah. trust Him. for now, just focused on your studies. be a better muslim. thats the most important. kita akan dapat rasa kemanisan iman tu ble:
1) Cinta Allah dan Rasul lebih dari segalanya.
2) Cinta kpd saudara kerana Allah.
3) benci kpd kekufuran spt benci untuk dicampak ke dlm neraka.
soo, let me feel those kemanisan iman too. sape xnak kan ? its up to me, take it or leave it. thats it. 
haha apa kaitan ne ngn tajuk ? gle lari isi ngn tajuk. xpe zai, reminder for myself :) 
anyone who read this, please pray for me okay :) last but not least, bye. :D 

ahhhhh, almost forget, today is yonghwa oppa birthday's ! seagilchukkahamnida oppa ! haha ejaan cincai je.

byeeeeeeeee :D