September 14, 2013

Hey Mr. Izzad.

hye peeps haha amboi, rasa macam dah laamaaaaa sgt tak update kan. almaklumlah, busy nak final kan. hehe tula, kata je nak final, tp tengok tajuk. haih mmg merungsingkan tau isk3 okaay, for me to be honest to him about my feeling, its take a lot lot lot of courage you know. since this is my first time ehem xdelaa sgt kan sbb dlu ada jepp  but tu zaman cinta monyet. biaselah kan. dah besar ne tak kan la cinta monyet lagi kan ? okay for officially nya, today 15 september 2013, i made a confess to him. ohhh myyy ! what have i done T.T 
but, fortunately, haha lega la jugak kan, ada harapan HAHAHA
ambooi, sukanya kau zai. jgn nnt nangis x berlagu sudahla zai oi -.- 
haha okaayla, taknala cte panjang2 pasal dye. bahaya oi cte kat sini. bukan apa, privacy kan eceh haha 
till then, anyoong. byeee ! ehh, sila abaikan segala kesalah grammar dan sebagainya. sekian. 

ps: Mr. Izzad, welcome to my world haha well, lets know about each other more okay :) 

June 22, 2013

im stressed !

okay before i start, i just finished my hw complaint letter. Yeaaaay ! :D me feels so good ! Alhamdulillah.
okay now i will officially start hihi. im doing this while listening to B1A4's song from their 4th mini album. good love ne mmg sayu je aku dga. nak2 pulak part baro rapp. dah la aku sadis je bila tah nak jumpa dorang sobssss :( 
okay xde kne mengena pun senanya tu, ada mende lain yg jadi. well i guess everyone will have their own family matters. so do i. it just i cant express to anyone, and heree too. i thought i can but ahhh nevermind. hmm, i do really2 need someone. jinyoung oppa ! help me :( hahaha saaaaaah x betul zai ne ! nak buat cmne kan, its not like i have someone to spill everything, at least for now. yelaa, semua pun baru start new sem. but i have start learned about this and that. the worst subject is MACRO ! ahhh even law i can hadap lagi tau. tp macro mmg la isk3 dasar spesis micro jugak -.- okay ampun miss, i just dont feel like i ready to accept the subject. okay stop. back to the topic. i really2 hope everything gonna be okay. nothings over zai. this is what we called life. life is never easy. just back to Him. just feel free to seek the guide from Him. why do i need anyone when i always Him ? well. im just a human being. need someone too, sometimes. dont worry, the best will come, insyaAllah. trust Him. for now, just focused on your studies. be a better muslim. thats the most important. kita akan dapat rasa kemanisan iman tu ble:
1) Cinta Allah dan Rasul lebih dari segalanya.
2) Cinta kpd saudara kerana Allah.
3) benci kpd kekufuran spt benci untuk dicampak ke dlm neraka.
soo, let me feel those kemanisan iman too. sape xnak kan ? its up to me, take it or leave it. thats it. 
haha apa kaitan ne ngn tajuk ? gle lari isi ngn tajuk. xpe zai, reminder for myself :) 
anyone who read this, please pray for me okay :) last but not least, bye. :D 

ahhhhh, almost forget, today is yonghwa oppa birthday's ! seagilchukkahamnida oppa ! haha ejaan cincai je.

byeeeeeeeee :D 

March 11, 2013


heh, nmpk x tu tajuk kat ats ? mmg, rasa mcm tahpape je kot.
yelaaa, mana x nya, org baru tukar no, setakat ne, bdk laki hira' arul je yg tau tu sbb aku yg msg dye dlu kan, so xpela, aku x kesah sgt sbb aku tau dye x suka kat aku dan aku pun bukan suka dye pun, x kesah la kan. kawan. tp salman tu, dah kenapa nk msg2 aku pulak ? haish, syidah la ne, aku suruh ckp aku tukar no, dye gy ksk no baru aku. aaahhhhhhhh aku mmg menyampah betul dgn budak laki hira'. serious. xtau kenapa, ada lah 2 3 org yg aku okay, tu x kesahla sbb kawan aku kan, mcm haziq ke kan, aku x kesah la tp yg laen2 tu, hmm, dah kenapa pun xtau la zai ne. tp seriously i dont like them, abes semua aku unfollow kat twitter. for me, for what aku follow dorang kan ? so better aku unfollow je, dorang pun bukan suka pun kan. im on my way to become a good girl, n kalau aku nk cari laki pun, ofcourse yg lebih baik dari aku, yg boleh guide aku, so conclusionnya bkn org yg mcm jepp la. kalau dah kawan dye, mstlah perangai pun 2 x 5 je kan ? simpang malaikat 44 takmau. mmg ada yg baik tu alhamdulillah lah, tp mmg doa2 byk2 xnak dpt budak hira' kalau boleh. ameen. tahla, dont ask me why. i dont know myself well. dahla, malas nak ckp byk,
salman, dont disturb me okay. aku nak final ne. heh. 

March 01, 2013

LE husband kihkihkih


Your precious boyfriend Jung Jinyoung sat there right in front of you, eating as if he never ate in his whole life or he was afraid that the food would run away. You laughed and lightly kicked his knee under the table.
"Jinnie, that's not very attractive. Eat slowly, you might choke and your stomache will hurt like hell later.", you said with your soft voice as you handed him a glass of water so he could drink a little to let the food get through his throat to his stomache.
He grinned and took the glass, drinking it in one shot.
"I'm a man, I can't eat slowly.", he smirked.
"Yeah, and you'll start crying like a girl later when you'll have stomache cramps. That's really manly."
You rolled your eyes and he laughed.
"Fine. But taste this, it's delicious !", he took some food between his chopsticks and you opened your mouth to let him feed you. You slowly chewed and your eyes instantly widened.
Damn spicy as hell, it's as if you had fire in your mouth !
You groaned and stuck your tongue out, loudly breathing by your mouth. Your eyes teared up and a few tears rolled down your cheeks. Jinyoung laughed and put a lot of Cola in his own glass and handed it to you. You quickly took it and drank, the fizzy and sugary taste of the drink cooling down the fire in your mouth and throat. You drank it all without stopping to breathe and gasped for air as soon as you finished it.
"That wasn't funny, Jinyoung !", you half whispered, half yelled.
You wiped the tears away with the backs of your hands and Jinyoung leaned in to kiss you on the lips.
"Sorry, I just had to do it~ Here, drink some more Cola. Even your lips are hot.", he chuckled.
You couldn't help but laugh because of his cute face.
"You're lucky I love you, Jinnie. Real lucky."
"I know that, babe. And I love you too."
Suddenly, he started eating like a pig again and you smirked.
"Tonight, when you'll be crying because of your belly, I won't even look at you. Suffer, Jinnie, suffer."

PS : Jinyoung will always start every B1A4's song. and i really really love it ! nomo joaye :D his voice seriously killing me. 
#np because of you - B1A4 :) 

his eyes. ya Allah, such a beautiful eyes. 

sila fokus for his eyes okay ;) 


February 11, 2013


hikhikhik terajen pulak nak blog hari2, cewaah, padahal jap agy nk balik kuis dah,
bertahun pulak la nk update nnt sbb kat sane mmg dah x online bagai. haha 

okay, ne la B1A4, sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gle ! <3 <3 <3 

jinyoung, gongchan, sanduel, baro and cnu :) 

hehe ne pulak, JUNG JINYOUNG :D 

i like him the most :D <3 <3 <3 

okaay, CNBLUE :D :D :D 

yonghwa, jonghyun, minhyuk and jungshin :) 

and this is my JUNG YONGHWA <3 <3 <3 

okay byee. hehe 

ps : both yonghwa and jinyoung suka meraaaaaaaaaaah aka RED ! :) 

They worked hard.

bismillah :) 
hehe such a long time i didnt update here *sigh* 
dah bahasa apa aku guna ne ? :/ 
haha maaf maaf, abaikan sebarang kesilapan ;) 
manusia x perfect right, they always make mistakes,
but the best person is they learn from those mistakes.
fuuhh, tajuk nampak mcm gempak je kan ? haha 
sbnrnya kesedaran dtg kot, maybe la hehe
final is around the corner, but im too lazy to study.
whats the hell going on with me ? :/ hmm, molla, idk.
'they' kat ats tu refer to CNBLUE and B1A4 actually. sbbnya kan,
dorang mmg really2 worked hard to achieve their dreams. tajuk depan majalah HAI, CNBLUE, 
B1A4 pulak, they're getting famous day by day.
this one word to describe them. dasyatkan dorang ? haha nampak x tu ? bias sungguh zai ne, sorry to say, 
but im addicted, craving for kpop actually -,-
sorry but i cant do anything,it just my minat. haha 
okay, sambung balik,
 so what about me ?
why dont i do the same as they do ? 
its true that our path is different, but just think about it,
everyone should do their best. no matter what path they take ? am i right ? soo,
wake up zai ! theres a lot of your dream that you MUST achieve !
no matter what. jebal zai. please please.
Ya Allah, please guide me. without you im lost. totally lost.
kat rumah mmg x study, i should know that, so kat kuis aku mmg kne belajar sampai lebam. ahhhhh zai. isk3. i must i must i must !
banyak mende aku nak buat, nak itu nak ini,
nak gy sana nak gy sini,
as anak sulong, ofcourse semuanya aku kne buat sndr.
i must be independent.
so sbb tula day by day, my dreams become big and big !
haha, bukan satu dua je tau dream aku, haha
antaranya, nak belajar main gitar. korang rasa possible ke angan2 tu ? entah, idk too. 
but i will try to achieve that. at least boleh main satu lagu.
hehe lagi ? nak jumpa cnblue, b1a4, mblaq emm emm ramai lagi sbnrnya nak jumpa, tapi plg penting for sure cnblue. ahh, and sejak dua menjak ne kan, im falling in love for B1A4 ! so hard :D 
JUNG JINYOUNG ! ahhhh, aku mmg senang la nak falling in love kat org nama jung jung ne, macam yonghwa la hihi :D 
haha abaaaaaikaaan, dah ngarot sgt ne isk3
okay zai, just promise yourself, balik kuis belajar really hard okay ? 
kalau jinyoung and yonghwa boleh x tdo malam sbb buat lagu, you can x tdo malam sbb baca buku. ewaaah, pantun dua kerat weyy ! 
baca buku, buat exercise IFA, cost accounting, and micro yg terchenta. ohhhh, ad x sesape yg baik hati nak ajar saya micro ? :(
i really2 hate subject tu, maybe sbb madam, maybe sbb diri sndr dah set x suka, tu yg jadi x dapat2 ble belajar. hmmm molla, 
esaaaaah, kata nak ajr kte, balik la cepat and i miss you so much.
sorry x reply msg time awk nk boarding dah, im sleeping tightly atas katil -,- hehe 
okay enough zai. i need to sleep. ahhh, lagi satu, kat kuis tu nnt, buat2 la bertaubat, kuat sgt tdonya pun :/ 
jgn nak kuat tdo sgt zai, sudah2 la, nnt mati, hah tdo la puas2.
okay stop stop. baaaaaaaaai :D 

premise 1 : i love yonghwa :D 
premise 2 : i love jinyoung too moree :P haha
conclusion : i need to sleep now sbb ngarot dah over. sekian

ps : have a safe journey abah ! he's odw back to penang. and we're going to pndah next year -,- 

pss : i miss esah. HAHA

psss : nak gy korea. tolong doaakn please hehe :D last but not least, MIRACLE IS ANOTHER WORD FOR HARD WORK -MINHO- 

pssss : stopp la byk2 ps ne -.- kbye 

January 08, 2013


Bismillah, heee, just nak spill apa yg jadi hrne :(
kat kuis ada mcm derma darah tau, ble dga tu, mmg dah niat nak join da club.
so dgn seronoknya la kan, malam td tdo lmbt, tp still tdo lbey dari 5 jam.
yelaaaa, kononya nak menderma darah kan, kena la cukup tdo haha
then pagi td bgun la siap2 nak gy derma, dah sampai dkt garlic stage tu,
isi borang then check darah.
saya darah O yea hihi bangga sbb sng nak ksk sesape je darah tu kalau ada org yg nak pakai kan :D 
okay, tang ne yg x best, tgah check darah tu kan, tbe akak tu tny, ble last period, 
hmm baru je habis, mngu lepas tapi apa kne mengena kan ? haha
xde kne mengena pun, yg x bestnya,
akak tu kate x cukup zat besi aka iron. huh ? 
lepas tu x boleh derma darah la ? aku tny,
akak tu ckp, yelaaa, kalau awk dah xckup zat besi acona nak ksk kat org laen sbb zat besi tu mmg antara kriteria yg dye nak untk derma darah.
okay heartbroken. seriously, rasa terkilan sgt.
sbb mmg naaaaaaaaak sgt sgt sgt derma tau.
isk3, tbe2 teringt kat Yonghwa kan, haha tbe -.-
yelaaa, time tu pun yonghwa x boleh derma darah jugak, samela kte oppa. Haha sangaaaaaap :/ okay ngarot je,
tp tula, saya terkilan.

p/s : terus msg esah ckp dye sdey sbb x boleh derma, dye kate nak bwk makan seoul garden ksk tmbh iron. yeaaaaaaah :D syg esaaaah :* 

p/ss: insyaA akan cuba menambah iron sbyk yg mngkn dan berazam nak derma jugak nnt hehe pray for me :)

p/sss: kesian kak ida keletihan lepas derma darah + jealous gle kat kak ida n yati sbb boleh derma darah. yati B me n kak ida O. 

p/ssss: ble nak jumpa YongHwa ne huhu :(