March 01, 2013

LE husband kihkihkih


Your precious boyfriend Jung Jinyoung sat there right in front of you, eating as if he never ate in his whole life or he was afraid that the food would run away. You laughed and lightly kicked his knee under the table.
"Jinnie, that's not very attractive. Eat slowly, you might choke and your stomache will hurt like hell later.", you said with your soft voice as you handed him a glass of water so he could drink a little to let the food get through his throat to his stomache.
He grinned and took the glass, drinking it in one shot.
"I'm a man, I can't eat slowly.", he smirked.
"Yeah, and you'll start crying like a girl later when you'll have stomache cramps. That's really manly."
You rolled your eyes and he laughed.
"Fine. But taste this, it's delicious !", he took some food between his chopsticks and you opened your mouth to let him feed you. You slowly chewed and your eyes instantly widened.
Damn spicy as hell, it's as if you had fire in your mouth !
You groaned and stuck your tongue out, loudly breathing by your mouth. Your eyes teared up and a few tears rolled down your cheeks. Jinyoung laughed and put a lot of Cola in his own glass and handed it to you. You quickly took it and drank, the fizzy and sugary taste of the drink cooling down the fire in your mouth and throat. You drank it all without stopping to breathe and gasped for air as soon as you finished it.
"That wasn't funny, Jinyoung !", you half whispered, half yelled.
You wiped the tears away with the backs of your hands and Jinyoung leaned in to kiss you on the lips.
"Sorry, I just had to do it~ Here, drink some more Cola. Even your lips are hot.", he chuckled.
You couldn't help but laugh because of his cute face.
"You're lucky I love you, Jinnie. Real lucky."
"I know that, babe. And I love you too."
Suddenly, he started eating like a pig again and you smirked.
"Tonight, when you'll be crying because of your belly, I won't even look at you. Suffer, Jinnie, suffer."

PS : Jinyoung will always start every B1A4's song. and i really really love it ! nomo joaye :D his voice seriously killing me. 
#np because of you - B1A4 :) 

his eyes. ya Allah, such a beautiful eyes. 

sila fokus for his eyes okay ;) 


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